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What are the most common problems with camera phones? (tick all that apply)   (tick all that apply)  

Compact cameras are less flexible than digital SLRs because? (Tick all that apply)   (tick all that apply)  

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Compact cameras are surprisingly capable cameras now, but they do have a significant deficiency compared to a DSLR

What is the main difference between a Micro Four-Thirds camera and a Digital SLR?  

Digital SLRs have interchangeable lenses
Digital SLRs are professional
Digital SLRs have a bigger digital sensor
Digital SLRs are smaller
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The clue is in the name

DSLR stands for  

Digital Single Lens Reflector
Digital Sensor Light Reader
Digital Single Lens Reflex
Digital Solid Light Receiver
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Let's see if you were really paying attention.   There are lots of similar sounding buzzwords in photography and there are times when you need to know Reflex from your Reflector

What is the mirror in a Digital SLR for?   (tick all that apply)  

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Think about the way the light passes through the camera before you take and picture and when you take a picture

What can you see on the large LCD screen on the back of your camera?   (tick all that apply)  

When you take a photograph, where are the permanent images saved?  

On the internal memory buffer
On the digital sensor
On the memory card
On the camera's computer
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Some of these options are only temporary stores, before the final permanent storage of your images.

Which of these file formats for your pictures saves the most information  

JPEG file
RAW file

A "zoom" lens is more flexible than a "prime" lens because...?   (tick all that apply)  

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Remember a "prime" lens has a fixed focal length

Which of the following describes a wide angle lens  

f/4 maximum aperture
24mm focal length
100mm focal length
Close-up focus
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A wide angle lens gives you a wider angle of view in front of you - you see more at the edges of the frame.

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