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An interval timer does what?   (tick all that apply)  

The "Bulb"setting on your camera is for...?  

Lets you shoot timelapse images of bulbs growing
For taking pictures using light bulbs
Letting you take pictures with very long shutter speeds
Lets you take pictures as fast as a flash bulb

To photograph light trails from fast moving cars at night you need...?   (tick all that apply)  

Shooting a fast moving cowboy wagon with a fast shutter speed would mean...?  

The wheels look like they are going backwards
The wheels look blurred
The wheels look static

Slow shutter speeds mean you run the risk of...?   (tick all that apply)  

"Peak Action" is...?  

When an athlete is moving fast
The critical moment in a scene
Action at the top of a mountain
When a dancer is starting to jump

Taking lots of shots in the hope something comes out is called?  

Shoot for Sure
Need for Speed
Shoot and Hope
Fire in the Hole
Spray and Pray

Fast moving objects close to the camera look like they are going slower  


To "Freeze" a fast moving object you need  

A long lens
A fast shutter speed
A slow shutter speed
A tripod

"Image Stabilisation" is...  

A method for panning with moving objects
A function on your camera or lens to compensate for camera shake
A means of holding the camera to prevent camera shake
A way of getting sharp focus on moving objects

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