uLearn.Photography - part of FilmPhotoAcademy.com
As you work through the course you will be given assignments to do in your own time.   They are nearly always about making photographs, not lots of writing.
Some of the assignments will count towards your final pass mark.   You will be asked to submit images for review.
Not all the assignments count towards your final score.
While you do not need to do any of the assignments except the last, I strongly recommend that you do each assignment as you finish the lesson.   The assignments are so that you can go and practice the concepts we have just been discussing.   
This will let you firmly embed the information in your mind, or highlight areas where you are still not sure and need to check on.
You can do the assignment in your own time.  You can progress through the course without submitting images for the assignment.
Your first assignment does not count towards your final score for the course.
I want you to make three photographs using as much of the content of this lesson as possible.   In particular play close attention to "Rule of Thirds", "Cropping" and "Viewpoint".
When you have three pictures you may submit them here and we will review them for you and give you advice on how they can be improved.
You need to send us THREE of your best images for assessment.
Of preference we would like your images in the following formats, but don't worry if you don't know how to do that (we'll explain later):
1) JPEG Format
2) Maximum long side 1024 pixels
3) Minimum long side 512 pixels
Before submission check your images carefully:
  • No marks, distractions, or other unwanted content
  • Correctly balanced image
  • Only use a border if the image requires it
  • Correct brightness and colour