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This will be the most technical section as we give you a guide through all the parts of your camera.
  • A Quick Guide
  • Important controls
  • Special Functions
  • Where to find things
  • What some of the jargon means
  • What happens when you take a picture
Once you have completed this section you'll have the jargon under control, you'll understand your camera, you will have the solid grounding for the rest of the course and your photography.

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Now, I know a lot of you are not going to enjoy your assignment for this section.  I want you to get out your camera manual and go through it, finding all the elements you have learnt in this section so that you understand your camera better.
Find out:
  • Where to adjust the various settings
  • Which controls do what
  • What options your camera has
  • Write out a short sheet with this useful information