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Light and shade are the fundamentals of photography.    In this section you will learn the details of how to understand light and its qualities.

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For this section your assignment is to shoot two different things.
Firstly, I want you to shoot under different lighting conditions:
1) Fluorescent or artificial light
2) Indoors daylight
3) Outdoors sunshine
In each case take four photos:
1) A photo using Auto-White-Balance (AWB)
2) A photo using the appropriate preset
3) A photo with the "flash" preset
4) A photo with the "fluorescent" preset
How does using the wrong preset affect the colours you see?  
Does your AWB setting get it right?
Your second task is to understand lighting direction
Put a subject close to a window - preferably north facing, or with net curtains to diffuse the light.
1) Shoot with your back to the window
2) Shoot sideways to the window
3) Shoot into the window
As you are doing this look at both your exposure levels and how the light is affecting the subject.
Again a friend is a good choice of subject, but a football or something equally round will do as a substitute.